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Posted on Thursday, December 22nd, 2005 at 1:05pm CST by ad21e9ca

Company: BESTNEST.COM/ birdfeeder order

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BESTNEST.COM (this web site has horrible customer service)

I received a bird feeder completely damaged. When I called to

report this problem, I was asked a list of questions and asked if I

could take pictures and e-mail them to the company. I asked that they please

pick this item up and that way they can do the inspection. This was

purchased as a Christmas gift and has been an inconvenience for me. I asked for a credit to my card including shipping. I don't

understand why I should have to wait two weeks for a credit while they do

their "investigating." Here is their Return Policy - "We strive to achieve

100% customer satisfaction by providing top quality products." I told them I was not satisfied with the way this has been handled.

Their response:

We apologize that you received a damaged item. Our policy to ask

questions about the shipment is designed to expedite the resolutions

process, which does not take two weeks. I understand that this is an

inconvenience for you as it is for everyone. Obviously, the process

would be much better if shipping damage did not occur. Unfortunately,

shipping damage does occasionally occur. If you do not wish to have a

replacement, the order is processed as a return. The order must be

shipped back to us via the same method it arrived. A credit will be

processed for the item only, not shipping. We do strive to achieve 100%

customer satisfaction, however, we have a process by which claims are

handled. There is a limit to which the process may be bent. Please let

us know if you decide to return the item or wish to have it replaced.

You will need an authorization number for a return.

Most companies will automatically send out a replacement item and will arrange for a pick up of the damaged items...not this one! Even better, I have to pay to send it back and won't be credited the original shipping charges.


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