Hippodrome Theatre - France-Merrick performing Arts Center

Posted on Wednesday, December 21st, 2005 at 3:39pm CST by 59167ebc

Company: Hippodrome Theatre - France-Merrick performing Arts Center

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On March 6,2004 five of us attended a performance of ;The Producers at the cost of $353.00.

We were seated in Row M with obstructed vision. I immediately sought help, only to be told it was a sell-out and there were no other seats available. At the intermission I went to the box office and the fellow there was extremely rude.

When we got home I sat down and wrote a letter of complaint.

I never got a response until I called at least 5 times and spoke to Elaine Barco. She apologized and offered us replacement tickets for the next show, but we could not attend. I expressed the desire to see "Hairspray" and she e-mailed me that she was not sure when it was coming to the Hippodrome. I should get in touch with her in May of 2005.

I did exactly that and she knew it would be in Baltimore in December. HOWEVER, NOW SHE WOULD ASSIST ME IN BUYING TICKETS. Her promise to replace them was broken.

I asked to speak to her superior who was Stella Benkler. She was on vacation and never called me back. After many, many phone calls, her response was that no way could anyone have promised to replace those tickets. I was shocked that any outfit as big as they are, would treat a paying customer like that. To me that is lying and cheating.

I found out that the main person was a Mr. Marks Chowning. I left seven messages on his answering machine until finally a woman named Marilyn Waranch did call me saying the same thing.

I spoke to an attorney who told me to put it in a letter to Mr. Chowning which I did on November 7,2005 and have never gotten a response. Again, I called and called unable to speak to a person....only voicemail.

Now the show is here and I would like to get a refund for their failure to make good on their promise.

What a world we live in......I am 80 years old and have never ever been treated like this before.

What a shame.

Marie M. Erdman

2026 West Rogers Avenue

Baltimore, MD 21209



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