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Posted on Wednesday, December 21st, 2005 at 11:54am CST by a92cb154

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IF you ever thought that buying acer laptops/desktops/ generally any thing

that has acer on it then think again before i tell my story you can go to and search for acer and you will understand what i mean ..any

way my story with acer begins when:

-i bought their aspire 1692 laptop thinking that this is the best thing

happened to me it was on 14-7-2005 only three weeks later and the problems

started the DVD/CD didn't work i thought that this is normal thing and all

what i have to do it taking it to the service and i did they told me that i

have to wait for a week before they can do any thing because they will order

the spare parts i said that week is too much because iam working on it and

iam studying on it< thats when the technical smiled strange smile i didn't

know why > any way they told that i have to so i said ok week will not hurt

me too much and i waited hole week and thanks god <that's what i thought>

they repaired the DVD/CD any way only 3 weeks later all of a sudden the

screen turned black and the DVD/CD didn't work AGAIN i thought what da hell

this damn laptop can't stand for a month so i take it back to the service

center saying that this is stupid and i can't work like this they calm me

down and asked me to wait for just a week<heh and i belived them how noob i

was> until the spare parts arrive<with the same stupid smile on their faces>

so i had to wait for the week of course without being able to study or to

work or to do any thing <iam in computer since school and i work with photo

shop> any way the week passed away so i phoned them to ask when i will pick

my laptop and i hared the shocking news that's what they said to me

they : We are so sorry the spare parts didn't arrive yet you have to wait

another week.

Me: what do you mean ..wait another week i have work and study to do i can't

wait another week you have to do something i need my laptop?

They; we can't do any thing we have to wait until the spare parts arrive.

me:'//.'...';.***$#&@^$#@^@#$^@#&#$@ <angrey>.

after half an hour of talking i finally surrender and i said that i will

wait until the next week,<lol i belived them again do you belive this>

next week

i phoned them

Me: hi would please tell when can i pick my laptop it's aspire 1692 acer?

after waiting for 5 min

them:ohh yeah the spare parts didn't arrive yet you have to wait another


here when i really turned to red

Me: are you damn insane what do you mean it's three weeks until now i will

fail in my study for god's sake how many weeks should i wait until i have my

machine back it's taking forever i can't wait another week i have work and

study to do ..

They : we are so sorry but we can't really do any thing.

Me: please give me your manger

5 min later the manger was on the phone

MANGER : iam so sorry for the delay but we can't really do any thing.

Me: Sir if you can't do any thing then who can i mean three weeks and

nothing happened ...ok i want to replace my laptop with new one .

MANGER: iam so sorry but i can't do this too our center is a general

repairing < means they are not working for acer they just order the spare

parts and then they fetch them into the machine > EVen acer it self will not

replace your laptop i know that this is stupid but am sorry i can't do any

thing we don't sell acer product even .

that's when i know that i only bought a curse i decided to hang up with the

manger < he was realy very polite with me > and do some searching and

sending some emails

and here when i understand that iam not alone every one out there have the

very same problem UK,USA,China,India even Australia

until now 19-12-2005 a month passed by and the laptop still in service

center nothing new nothing happened even after the enormous amount of email

that i have sent to acer nothing is happening i have exams on 1-1-2006 and

also i have a work to do with dead line 15-1-2006 and i don't know what to

do only preying that the shipping parts will arrive safely and hopefully the

laptop will stand for month or two until i try to do something about it

only two words to say about acer : ACER SUCKS DON'T BUY ACER YOU WILL SUFFER



my email is :the_old_nyx just in case

PS: right now am trying to manage a campaign with some one called coper he

started the hole thing the campaign called acer sucks CONTACT ME IF YOU ARE



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