Teleflora - Appallingly Bad Customer Service

Posted on Tuesday, December 20th, 2005 at 10:46pm CST by e81f385a

Company: Teleflora - Appallingly Bad Customer Service

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Below is a note I sent to Teleflora's COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_61877# account - I have

already tried to communicate with them via email and phone, and I have never

rec'd a reply from them via email, or a committed call they said they'd make

to me. Their service is absolutely crap, and I'll never use them again for

anything. I have also forwarded the message to the SAF (Society of American

Florists) and also American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD) in hopes

that they will forward my message to them as well. I've found a fax number

for them, and plan to fax a copy of the email to the President and CEO, Phil

Kleweno. The fax number is 310-966-3658.


Dear Teleflora People:

Your lack of response is so bad I am trying every way possible to get

communication from you.

Your website states the following:

"At Teleflora we are committed to exceptional service and products. If, for

any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your gift or its delivery,

please do not hesitate to contact us."

That guarentee is a joke, as is your service in my opinion and based on the

details below. What an absolute lack of customer service it is, too. I have

tonight cancelled the order and wish to provide you the absolutely

unacceptable experience I've had dealing with your company.

I have spent almost 2 hours on the phone and email over 4 days trying to get

the order below delivered (3226492); the order was placed by me on

12/14/2005 with an expected delivery of 12/15/2005. Throughout this ordeal,

I have not had any contact from your company, email or otherwise, either to

respond to my inquiries via email, or to proactively call me as your staff

said they would.

I was transferred to a supervisor last night (the name was Bev) who agreed

to transfer my order from a florist in the delivery area who was not

responding to voicemails left from your staff after my inquiries. She also

offered to remove the service charges as I agreed to not cancel the order at

that time, and that customer service would call me to confirm the delivery

the next morning (12/20/2005). After no proactive customer-friendly contact

this morning, I called this evening. Apparently, it was known last evening

that you're out of stock on this item and to compound an already bad

experience, the service charges that the supervisor offered to wave when I

agreed to keep the order there apparently never happened. I promptly

cancelled the order, which I would have readily done the night or even days

before had I known this.

I spoke with May this evening (she refused to give me her last name) who

informed me that when I asked to speak to a supervisor, no one was there. I

cancelled the order with her, and then she informed me that it would take

7-10 days to credit my account: THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE given what I have been

thru with your company. I told her that and she insisted that was the case

and again refused to escalate the matter. My husband called back and spoke

with Amanda who stated it should be credited in 2-3 days, but some

transactions take as long as 7-10 days, which was far more palatable than

the person who spoke with me prior.

At this point, I have no level of comfort that the credit is actually being

processed - why should I since you haven't deemed it important enough to

even try to respond to me? I am expecting a response to this note to advise

me the confirmation in writing of my cancellation and credit. If I do not

receive communication, I will find a way to escalate it until I am heard,

and you can bet your bottom dollar and my credit for this order I'll find

someone who will respond to me.

Rebecca Bowen


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