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Posted on Monday, December 19th, 2005 at 2:32pm CST by 6ab6f3e8

Company: Ol'Roy dog food from Walmart

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This morning I opened a can of Ol' Roy dog food (chunky beef dinner w/ bacon & cheese) from walmart and was disgusted by what I found. I have 3 small pug dogs. They split a can of Ol' Roy dog food 3 ways every morning and get dried pedigree dog food in the evening. This morning as I was mashing up their Ol' Roy canned dog food in their 3 seperate bowls I found several large pieces of whole bones, some an inch or more long and also several shards of bones. Cow bones - no way, chicken bones - maybe but every dog owner knows that dogs cannot have chicken bones because they can splinter and badly hurt them. Most likely I believe they were some type of rodent bones, both my husband and I looked them over and came to the same conclusion. I had a few cans of Pedigree dog food and fed them a can of that instead. I still have the nasty can of Ol' Roy dog food in my fridge and plan on taking that can along with every other can I have of Ol'Roy back to Walmart for a refund. Origonally, I thought that bringing every can of Ol' Roy back to Walmart might be a bit of an over reaction, but after everything I read this morning on the internet about dog foods, specifically the Ol' Roy brand I cannot bear the thought of my little dogs ingesting this garbage for another day. I am also very annoyed and a bit dismayed that the can of dog food does not have an email address for comments, complaints, etc. to let them know immediately that there may be a problem with some of their cans of food. They do provide a phone number, which I will call in a moment and hopefuly I will be able to reach a competent person who actually cares enough to investigate this issue. Thank you for giving me a place to voice my concerns. Ginger from St. Louis, Missouri


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e6e08f47, 2008-08-08, 10:30AM CDT

we got Ol roy with chopped chicken hearty loaf & have opened 6 cans & all have black mold on the rim.We opened other flavors they also have Black Mold on the rims. After all the recalls on wet canned food i Think i will make my own dog food. At least i know it won't be Molded.

I have tried to call the company but nobody has returned my call. I have 10 cases here & taken all back to walmart.

Melody, Oregon

3b3b4026, 2008-10-30, 08:20PM CDT

You can contact Ol Roy Here.

Tel: 615-807-4626

315 Cool Springs Blvd.

Franklin, TN 37067

317be04b, 2011-03-11, 03:15PM CST

I have found chunks of white salty/flour type of mixture in the food

dated oct 21, 2012 box number pt03walyvpms Is this dangerous food?

could i get a phone number to speak with someone please 705 329-4494

Ol'Roy Filet Mignon flavour

Sandra C., 2013-03-20, 04:16PM CDT

I bought some Ol'Roy Gourmet food for Dogs Grilled Chicken Flavor in meaty juices Net wt. 3.5 oz (100g) from Walmart in Highland, CA. My shih tz's ate it and the mama shih tzu got sick that night. She was vomiting and blood came out of her mouth.She survived after I gave her a aspirin and I sat with her holding her on my arms. I just talk too her through the night now she's okay. But one of her puppies ate the food also and he died this afternoon. He was throwing up a few days ago but I thought it was just her mother's milk.Please don't buy any of this brand of food it's by Mars Petcare. I contacted the representative from the number above and I told him what happened. I also called Walmart here in Highland, CA and talked too the store manager and I told her about it also. Don't give up and call the company and also the store you bought it from. Love & soft Hugs! Sandra

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