Benchcraft Super Sectional AKA the Epic II

Posted on Monday, December 19th, 2005 at 8:06pm CST by f35a6171

Company: Benchcraft Super Sectional AKA the Epic II

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I bought a Benchcraft "Super Sectional" sofa in March 2003 from the NEX

furniture store in Norfolk, VA.

It is now less then 3 years old, and already going to be replaced. We

had our first problem about away. The igloo "refridgerator" was a piece

of crap. It never even worked. The reclining chairs were buckling in the

back. My husband who is handy put new support boards in the back. The

reclining seat on the right's handle broke, so it hasnt reclined in

about a year. The cushions on top of the sleeper never stay in place.

The foot rest on the left recliner fell off within the first year.The

handle on the left recliner broke off recently. I think the only thing

on this couch that works and never gave us a problem is the radio.So,

its like this..... I paid $1700 for a radio that works. This has got to

be the worst couch in history.DO NOT BUY THIS! The picture on

Benchcrafts website has a picture of it, its blue and now they are

calling it the "Epic II"


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