Incredimail XE

Posted on Sunday, December 18th, 2005 at 5:25pm CST by 8fce10c9

Company: Incredimail XE

Category: Other

I purchased a "Lifetime" subscription for Incredimail XE last year because I enjoyed the features it provided, including a "Junk Mail" filter. Recently it would lock up when trying to insert a file attachment. One of the suggested "fixes" was to download the latest version of the program. I did and the problem went away but, Shizzam, so did the Junk Filter. I could purchase their new program "Junk Filter Plus" for the discount price of ONLY $24.95 / year. A letter from "Support" explained that the original filter was free to everyone and the new version was much improved. That may be the case, but, I was quite happy with the old version. I CONSIDER THIS TO BE A SCAM TO CHARGE THOSE WHO BOUGHT THEIR "LIFETIME PACKAGE" AN ADDITIONAL FEE FOR A FEATURE THEY ALREADY HAD! I will probably cancel the whole program as a result, but not before I make loud noises about their business practices.


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