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Posted on Saturday, December 17th, 2005 at 2:17pm CST by e5d625fe

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Rockaway Bedding, Purchased in Livingston NJ

Re: Rockaway Bedding order # 0091849806

On May 2, 2005 I purchased a complete bed set a Spring Air Privilege Mattress/back supporter from Rockaway bedding in Livingston NJ.

After several months, it developed a rise in the middle of the bed like a mound. Therefore when sleeping, and you roll over, you are rolling up hill and then when you turn you roll back down hill.

Also the box spring sound worse than old creaky boards. Which wakes me up at night.

On October 1, I contacted Rockaway Bedding to advise them of this problem with this mattress and requested that I get a new mattress. The Person I spoke with Jeannie told me that an inspector would have to come out and look at it, and she would get the report with 15 business days.

On October 5, an inspector came to my home looked at the mattress took pictures measured it and the told

me he would fax the report that night. He also asked me if I was aware that this mattress was made almost of all foam, my response was surprisingly no. I DID NOT PURCHASE A FOAM MATTRESS. When he left I look at the mattress and sure enough it said 80% foam. As far as I knew I went to purchase a regular mattress and was sold foam. If I wanted foam I would have ordered foam. THIS TO ME IS DECEPTIVE and WARRANTS INVESTIGATION.

As of October 26, the time I was told to wait,(15 business days) I started calling to find out what the next step was. I was told on several occasions that the report was not back yet, or I would leave a message only to get no response.

I called almost on a daily basis, and kept getting the run around. I finally spoke to another representative named John who in turn sent me back to Jeannie. I once again got the run around from her. I asked her for a manager she turn me over to Mandy a senior customer service rep. She too gave me the same story as Jeannie. I Total I asked three different people for the name of a manager and got no where.

All the while , these people talk over you and do not want you to speak, and will not give a managers name.

Finally on the afternoon of 11/2/05 I received a call stated that the inspectors measurements were not deep enough and therefore there was no problem with the mattress. I was told that if I wanted to accept their satisfaction guarantee they would pro-rate my mattress and have me buy a new one. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. How can you look at something with testing it to find out if there is a problem. That is like looking at a book cover and knowing weather you will like the story or not, or looking at the out side of a car and not know weather the engine is bad.

I requested another inspector to come out and was told the could only send on out every six months. This is NOT acceptable. It was only after I said I would contact the Better Business Bureau that they agreed to send someone out.

On November 14,2005 another inspector did arrive at my home, and he did agree that the mattress was sagging. He told me to wait appproximately 15 business to find out the disposition of this matter.

Well, on December 13, I called and spoke with Dawn of the customer service department. Her reply to me was that the report had not come back yet, and that she would call to have them fax it over to her, and that Jeannie would get back to me. This is well over the needed time to review this case and contact me.

As of this writing, I am still awaiting a response.

Now, since I was sold a foam mattress, when I wanted a regular mattress should automatically warrant a new mattress, and the fact that I am the one who has to sleep on this mattress I KNOW that there is a problem with it as does my husband. Therefore, I am requesting immediate attention to this situation.

I am requesting a response from you to authorize me to go the store and pick out a NEW MATTRESS and BOXSPRING that is NOT FOAM and to be delivered to my home at no charge. I do not want the same brand .If there is a problem with one, I do not want to risk it happening a second time.

I await your prompt response.

Thank you,

Carol Coughlin



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