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Posted on Saturday, December 17th, 2005 at 3:01pm CST by 9aaeadb2

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We run a business and spam emails are automatically deleted by staff.

By chance I read an invoice letter for something we never needed ordered or used - Ascentive Software.

we have been invoiced by this foreign company over the internet and my card debited month after month by these people.

I tried to complain, they publish an overseas telephone number, but no email adress.

They have a very prolonged and complicated route to cancel their service, which insists on adding some sentence starting with

" I (then my personal name) then follows a legal disclaimer for them!

If you don't approve the sending of that false statement in your own name, the software won't transmit the email.

This is forcing me to agree to make a statement against my will, under duress, which is against the law here in England.

I have asked for their adress for the serving of legal papers and disowned any additions falsely added by their software under my own typed words.

I'll post again if there is a reply wether for good or ill.

If you are out there Ascentive Software and have any self respect, post some sort of answer to this.

David Greenaway


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e20b9808, 2008-07-25, 01:01PM CDT

Attn: Customer Support

Ascentive LLC

201 Spring Garden St. Suite 400

Philadelphia, PA 19123


Fax: 1-215-320-6001

Ali West Director of Customer Support

Adam Schran CEO

Here is their address to serve them lawsuit papers.

Here is their brick/mortar address.

f28682e2, 2008-09-14, 08:41PM CDT

I have all your acentive products.I was wondering If i can download an update to be compatible with vista.please contact me and let me know if you have any vista updates.I hope I didnt waste my money,

22c04d3d, 2009-01-07, 12:36PM CST

Big mistake downloading this software. My computer is slower than ever and all I get when booting up is more of, you need to download this for more $$$. They are nonresponsive and in my opinion scam artists of the highest form

8ce7fdb9, 2009-01-11, 09:45PM CST

Yeah, the low life mutha's have taken my money and provided 4 months of service. Now there is nothing but my debt to the credit card company that I paid for these bums. Next thing you know, the government will be providing money to the rich to keep us working class people in the hole, Oh, they already did that.

a51cbf2a, 2009-01-30, 02:20PM CST

I have not recieved my software yet for my computer, it should have been here by now.

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