Poor Quality of Woodland Shoes.

Posted on Friday, December 16th, 2005 at 4:57am CST by e4e7d130

Company: Poor Quality of Woodland Shoes.

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Dear Madam/Sir,

I am an officer of Tatasteel and posted in Noamundi.

I had purchased a pair of Woodland shoes from Jamshedpur

from :

Aero Club, Main Road, Bistupur,

Jamshedpur - 831001.

Agent : M/s Taunk Brothers. on 04-11.05.

Cash Memo No. 38531.

Article no. G 40777.

Size : 41

Colour : GR006

MRP : 2095/-

After a week of its use the left shoe sole lost its glue and started peeling out near the heel.

The shoes are of very rugged and adventurous make.

It was very disgusting to see the quality of such a branded name deteriorate.

I immediately phoned the dealer in Jamshedpur and informed him.

He promised me the services and asked me to come with the pair.

After this I stopped using the pair.

I couldnt make the trip to Jamshedpur immediately due to my busy schedule.

I went to the shop after 20 days and told them the problem and asked for a replacement of the pair.

To my surprise the person in the shop told me to leave the pair so that he can send the same to the factory and get them glued.

I asked him whether he can assure me that the problem of sole peeling will not occur again at some other corner

(in that case he was speechless).

I asked him for the replacement of the pair as i sense that the pair may be duplicate one.

He did not agree for the replacement.

I asked told him I wanted to talk to the manager of the shop.

He was out of station and couldnt be contacted.

I have left the pair of shoes in the shop and taken a written receipt for the same.

I have the doubt as to whether the pair is duplicate.

My friend also had a similar problem in the same shop and later realised that the pair was duplicate.

I want to know how the company can help me in this regard.

I want the replacement or money back.

I dont want makeshift repair work to be done as I feel the pair is duplicate.

I have lost trust in Woodlands brand name.

Please see to that the mail is channelled properly and the concerned company persons are intimated about this issue.

I request the company officials to look into this matter and check the authenticity of the products and prevent the occurence of such complaints from the customers.

Kindly reply on the mail below and let me know the developments.

Thanking you,


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