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Posted on Tuesday, December 13th, 2005 at 9:47pm CST by 8e0fcd2a

Company: Burger King

Location: 15th St

Category: Restaurants, Bars

Tonight (Dec 13 about 9:00 p.m. CST in Panama City FL on 15th St)

I was held HOSTAGE IN LINE at the drive-in window at Burger King.

I couldn't go forward, I couldn't back up - I was blocked in by cars in front and behind.

The vehicle just ahead of me appeared to be the one holding business up. I watched thinking there must be a huge order. But NO! I saw 2 drinks taken into the van. Then one small bag. Then 20 minutes later another bag. Finally I could pull forward to the window.

Now, the restaurant was not busy. No people inside eating. There were 4 cars behind me.

I spoke to the mgr and suggested "why don't you have people with problems or large orders pull out of line so that others, if they need to go home, or forget the order, or whatever can MOVE?"

Her totally idiotic reply was, "we can't do that this time of night."

Well, Burger King has lost my business (plus the chicken sandwich I received tasted about 2 years old!), and they lost it because of lack of common sense and possibly losing about $10 worth of food which the people didn't have the food anyway yet, so what the problem was I have not a clue.

But what a stupid answer! And I was held absolutely prisoner in Burger King line because of a mgr with no common sense. Too bad Burger King. Too bad you hire people with no common sense.



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eb03e60e, 2008-12-19, 09:36PM CST

The employees can't go outside due to the risk of robbery, stupid! If you want to attack someone else's common sense, make sure you have some yourself!

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