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Posted on Tuesday, December 13th, 2005 at 3:07pm CST by 628a5621

Company: Topaz Orchestra

Category: Entertainment

Late in 2004 my wife (then fiance) hired a band called Topaz to play at our June 2005 wedding in Central New Jersey. She had gotten their name from a friend of a friend. Initially the lead member, Izzy Martinez

pursued her relentlessly to sign the contract to hire their band. Once the date got closser, however, and it was time to meet to pick out the music Mr. Martinez failed to make scheduled meetings. When he stopped

returning phone call we feared that the band had left the area. For almost a week in early May (only a month before our wedding) the contact phone number for the band was disconnected and their website down.

Understandably my fiance was very upset. We were lucky to find another band which we booked immediately. Topaz Orchestra was able to rebook for

that date, but refuses to return our $1,500 security deposit. Beyond the $1,500 financial loss, the haphazard manner in which Izzy Martinez runs his "business" caused us considerable emotional stress at a time that typically is quite difficult.

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1a37ec71, 2007-09-20, 04:45PM CDT

This is clearly an abuse of this website. Matters like this should be addressed in a court of law. I am sorry if by cancelling the services of the Topaz Orchestra your wedding was not to your wife's expectations, but again the cancellation was intiated by the client. I invite all other readers to call us so we can share some of the hundreds of testimonials and referrals from estatic customers as well as a lenghty and impressive vendors list.

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