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Posted on Tuesday, December 13th, 2005 at 3:02pm CST by 1ad1e548

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To Whom it may concern:

I am writing to express my sheer disgust in the way Signal does business. My husbands phone was damaged due to water damage and his screen was unclear. He gently tapped it to clear and it remained dis functional. At this time we made a claim at Signal which was denied due to his tapping the screen! We took it to a US Cellular technician and they replaced the screen at our expense. The phone itself still was not functioning properly so we then called Signal again as the US Cellular technician suggested saying the portion you accusingly say was due to my husbands mistreatment has been rectified out of our pocket. The water damage due to weather and my husbands working conditions has still left the phone dis functional. Again they denied the claim. When asked what exactly they do cover ....the CSR had no real answer and kept going in circles in his poor excuse for a description. I told him we were dissatisfied and that I would contact management and US Cellular to inform them we had been given a mis-truth in what to expect for coverage by the Salesman at the store we originally purchased these phones. We had been misdirected. I called US Cellular and the CSR said Signal should have covered this claim now that the phone was dis functional due to the water damage and he tried claiming it with their Resolutions Department. We will see what happens. As for Signal, they cover nothing and collect $5.95 a month per phone and can sleep at night. We were told if it is damaged, lost or stolen it is covered???? Apparently, they have made a lot of money lying and scamming people into thinking that with this insurance we can sleep at night. You are better off telling them it was stolen...being honest today as seen gets a good hardworking person NOWHERE!!!

Kacprzaks-Chicago, IL


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Anonymous, 2007-09-24, 09:44AM CDT

<i>CSR said Signal should have covered this claim now that the phone was dis functional due to the water damage and he tried claiming it with their Resolutions Department. </i>

oh really?? I was told that the insurance doesnt cover water damage at all. whether it be that you dropped it in the toilet, or fell out of your pocket in the rain. wet=no coverage.

and reporting it lost is better then stolen. reporting it stolen you have to have a police report. or at least this was my understanding.

fa82e198, 2007-11-25, 05:59PM CST

Blame is not on Signal.

If you were to read your Policy from your carrier, it describes what is covered and what is NOT covered. Sure its easy to point the finger as to why it was not covered, or as to why you don't understand why this is not something that can be fixed or repaired. It is in the policy you have purchased. same as it is with your auto Ins. Homeowners policy. Its not for EVERYTHING that goes wrong with that item, is for what is covered with the Policy.. Oh your not going to belive me . . take a look at Flooding, I bet you its NOT covered with your standared Homeowners insurance ?? Take a look at it. How about Mechanical troubles with your vehicle . . guess again !! certain items even though it say Bumper to Bumper coverage, ITS not for everything in your vehicle either.. BEST WAY TO FIND OUT WHY, is read your policy. Then point your finger at those who do Insurance Policy work

50814bd8, 2008-03-25, 03:42PM CDT

Signal Ins. is a 3rd party company and your cellular provider only uses them as an insurance company...I hope this has been resolved for you. Signal ins DOES cover moisture and liquid damage by the way.

a99a41e4, 2008-07-20, 12:13PM CDT


c7d922f8, 2008-08-05, 06:20AM CDT

I sympathize with you completely. I worked for over 25 years in the insurance and claims business and I have NEVER experienced the level of incompetence, negligence, and harrassment I have from SIGNAL Telecommunications Insurance Services! They have "lost" every Sworn Proof of Loss" I sent them. THESE WERE COMPLETED IN A U.S.CELLULAR OFFICE AND FAXED IN AS I SAT THERE!! Then they said I have the wrong serial # WHILE WE HAVE THE PHONE IN OUR HANDS!! - This may be more than negligence, it may be a policy to deny or delay payment of claims. Therefore, I am filing a formal complaint with both federal and state (MAINE) authorities about this. Unbelievable.

172d7efb, 2008-08-07, 04:17PM CDT

I totally agree I got my phone replaced with another broken phone and now they have taken a good month to send me a new phone. I can't stand US Cellular or Singal.

df35741c, 2008-08-28, 01:43PM CDT

I too have had problems on three different occasions with signal. I have never been so angry with a company as signal in my life. As for reading my policy, my claims were written as covered on my insurance and they somehow found loopholes to deny my claims, I have forwarded my complaints to US cellular as well as the insurance commissioners in my state and Pennsylvania where signal is. I have also started searching for an attorney, I want my phones replaced or, my insurance premiums that I have paid for years back. MOST insurance companies are dishonest and will try to deny or prolong claims as long as they can but this goes above and beyond.

3d7b85cd, 2008-09-12, 11:23AM CDT

I filed a claim on 7-21-08 and I was sent a phone that did not work. I sent it back recieved another phone that worked for a week. I sent it back after taking it to U.S. Cellular and recieved another phone that U.S. Cellular could not get to work. The person at U.S. Cellular working with me called Signal and told them that I wanted to cancel my claim and sold me a phone through their store for the $50 I would have paid Signal. I was told that Signal would refund my money to my credit card when they recieved the phone back. It has been 3 weeks Signal has confirmed they recieved the phone BUT I have not recieved my $50 back.

c24d2a17, 2008-10-29, 10:47PM CDT

Actually, the blame is on Signal. I have worked in the US Cellular Corporation for over 10 years now and have seen my fair share of problems with the 3rd party insurance company. Signal Plus Insurance is to cover everything/anything that the Manufactuer Warranty will not within the first year; after the first year of purchasing a new phone passes, it is to cover anything except Software defects. Before you go on saying, "Oh, its not Signals Fault... Mr. I work for a company that is crooked and I still stand up for them"... Think again. It will be a great day with US Cellular drops these ridiculous excuses for an Insurance Agency and see how much money they get to rip off of people then.

61f81c7d, 2008-11-11, 02:36PM CST

I agree! Signal has screwed me over multiple times!! I would warn anyone to not do business with them. As far as I'm concerned there a scam! Its better to save what your paying each month in insurance and just use that money to buy a new phone when yours gets broken, because there going to find some way not to cover your phone..

320aa800, 2009-06-12, 10:27AM CDT

I was so disappointed, they replaced my high end phone with something that was not compareable. It was also a used phone. and it did not work, and was replaced with another used phone that worked for 2 weeks and now I am trying to get it replaced.

5b5fe9df, 2009-06-21, 02:40PM CDT

The Signal insurance works like any other insurance company - they try to obtain all the necessary information to file the claim properly. All the information we provide as a consumer is taken and evaluated accordingly. I have never had an issue filing a claim with The Signal. They take into consideration the circumstance of the issue, how it happened, when, etc. It's not their fault if we provide wrong information, leave things out, and when it's denied, we turn around and get mad. Have your information ready and what is needed and there shouldn't be a problem. Of course, not everything is covered and you have to READ your contract and what is covered under your insurance.

1de9bf1b, 2009-08-19, 06:01PM CDT

U.S. cellular has been my cellular phone service provider for about 5 years. I have always settled with the least expensive phones and use them for what they were made for. In December 2008 I chose to upgrade me cellular phone for a Red Blackberry Pearl which had internet, GPS navigation and many more options. When I activated my phone there was an option to add Signal Insurance on my blackberry. So, it being one of the nicer phones I said sure and the operator continued to go on about everything the insurance covered, which made me at ease with my new phone and I was extremely happy! Then while on vacation, at the beach, my phone had gotten water damage so I called Signal Insurance and filled a claim. In addition, there was a fifty dollar deductable along with my claim. However, I was happy to pay as long as I would get my new phone quickly! When my new phone arrived I was tremendously displease because they sent me the wrong phone! So, as a normal customer would, I called the Signal Insurance Company and told them the issue with receiving the incorrect phone. The lady that was supposed to be the senior supervisor told me that if they could not replace my original phone they would have to send me something similar. I was very upset because this phone wasnt better or worst then my original, it just wasnt my original phone. I said NO, you should have to replace my original phone. She said We do not have your phone in stock! I believe that is poor business because If I was the supervisor I would go above and beyond for my customers, if I didnt have something in stock I would find it or when I could get it! So, we went on disagreeing about the phone and I asked her what can we do now? Since you do not have my phone in stock, maybe we can meet in the middle and we can come up with something to do, to fix this problem. She said all that we could do is have you send back the incorrect phone. I was so angry because that is not going to fix my problem! The problem was that I have been paying every month for this Signal Insurance and they cannot provide good service! As a result, I had to go out and buy myself a new blackberry because the Signal Insurance is not a good company and I would never recommend them to anyone!! I sent them back there phone and I have never heard from them again!

147e1355, 2009-08-26, 05:09PM CDT

when you stated, "...being honest today as seen gets a good hardworking person NOWHERE!!!" ... I could not agree more! I have worked with Signal insurance in the past and when they did replace my phone I had one that did not work properly. After paying my $50 deductible 3 times due to replacement phones that did not work I finally went to US Cellular to cancel my contract with them. They like to push everything on to Signal but it is US Cellular who contracts with them. Maybe it's time that we as consumers get to choose our own cell phone insurance carrier.

c9e1229e, 2009-11-12, 03:04PM CST

This sounds a classic case of a customer who told the wrong story and got their claim denied. I used to work at Signal, in the claims department. All too often I would talk to customers who swore up and down that they did not know how the water damage occured to their phone. This results in a claim being denied because there is no known cause of damage. The US Cellular policy with Signal covers almost all damage resulting from an accident. Since the tapping on the screen was probably reported also, that would be seen as malicious intent on the users part. that had nothing do so with the water damage that was the real problem in the first place, so why was tapping on the screen mentioned? Weather and rain damage is not covered because it happens over time. Wear and Tear. If you do not have an exact, clear cause of damage that is accidental then the claim is usually denied, PER THE POLICY. Its funny, US Cellular employees always thought they knew what was covered and what was not, and coached customers accordingly on what to say when filing their claim. This caused alot of confusion. As for the Sworn Proof of Loss issue, the reason why we never got customers faxes half the time is because there was incomplete information left at the top that is used to index the paperwork. The claim# or mobile# has to be on the page because those are the only two ways we had to look up claims. Not by customer name, account number, nothing like that.

c23946a0, 2010-01-03, 12:25AM CST

the signal carries an incident/accident policy which is outlined in the insurance policy. For example if its dropped in the toilet it will be covered. However if you woke up the next morning took it to the store and they told you it has water damage, but nothing happened to cause it that is not covered, under the insurance but under an alternative us cellular program that you have to have the insurance to be covered under with the same costs and everything. I am not saying its the perfect program, and unfortunately it sounds like the signal rep. with the water incident got the clm wrong. However, just because one rep. is unsure and wrong doesn't mean the whole company is rotten. Working myself in customer service representatives are more wanting to assist you if you are congenial and somewhat respectful but once you start yelling and using threats, it flips a switch and no one, in life either, wants to help somebody like that. The golden rule: treat others the way you want to be treated yourself, works good in everyday life and in business.

80b5e560, 2010-01-23, 11:55AM CST

that seems pretty odd to me. my husband has had to have his phone replaced once and my son has had his replaced twice now. we have never had any issues getting service with Signal. in fact I found they took care of us rather quick.

8e174cac, 2010-01-27, 05:18PM CST

I think it depends on who you get at Signal. I have had good experiences except one time and Maybe we had an unexperienced person that one time.

PSH Des Moines Iowa

0bde4288, 2010-04-25, 03:29PM CDT

I was told no matter what happens to your phone, always say it fell into a big river. Like the Mississippi River. I was told this from a U.S Cellular employee. He has gotten a phone anytime he said that. I had a phone that when I went to open it, I found that the phone was shattered. I figured it got hit in Chuckee cheese or sometime along the line. I called the insurance company when I got home and tried for a claim. They told me that it was normal wear and tear for a phone to be shattered inside of my pocket. I took it into U.S. Cellular and they took a picture of my phone and faxed it to the insurance company to show them what they consider normal wear and tear. They called back within 5 minutes and said they don't cover wear and tear and they consider that wear and tear. So U.S. cellular gave me a phone for the $50 bucks that it would have cost with the insurance. This insurance company is a crock! Nothing but crock! Now my phone is broke and I just called. So far the claim has gone through, and the guy had said that there shouldn't be a problem. Hopefully nothing changes!

ef68603d, 2010-04-25, 06:58PM CDT

hello, i had the same expirience with signal insurance as well. Worst customer service ever. I made a claim and the phone I had was not made any more, so they wanted to give me the cheapest phone possible. But I told them no way. So they said okay, then you can buy a phone of the same reatail value that your phone was worth when you bought it and we will reimburse you the money, - the $5o of the deductible. So, I did that bought a phone and send them the receipt. Waited for a while and called back and then they told me my claim was denied. I was like no way, you told me I could buy the phone and you would reiburse me, so how come now you tell me my claim is denied. So I had to speak with a supervisor and they approved it and told me I had to send the receipt. I told them I already did. But then they wanted it signed by a US cellular representative and with the store # and everything. I did that, waited and nothing. Call back again, then they tell me I had to also fax them a Sworn Proof of Loss, so I didn. Call back and they told me they did not get it. I had to fax the same form with the receipt about 5 times, ALL faxed from US cellular stores. Either they did not get them, or I send some info wrong. Then I call again and they said they got all the forms but that I had not send the old phone. SO, I told them that why didnt they tell me all I had to do and send from the firts call I made instead of telling me something else they needed everytime they call. It just made the process longer. So, I sent the phone I called again, and they tell me they had not realize they already got the phone and that it will take 2 to 3 weeks for me to receive the check. I am still waiting since January of 2010. It is almost may.

So, can anyone let me know how to file a complaint against them???

a08aba6a, 2010-05-25, 07:07PM CDT

I filed a claim today at a US Cellular store when the local agent told me that I could get a replacement phone after dropping the phone in the toilet. I went to the store to buy a new phone. I was very happy that I was getting a new phone! When I got home, Signal called to say that my claim was denied because the phone was not active on that date. I looked up the actual date of the event I attended and I was off about a month. I was still in the 90 day window. I called US Cellular and the Signal. I also e-mailed the Signal. They said because I got the date wrong they would not replace the phone. I went to the store to cancel the Signal Insurance on my phone and the agent at the US Cellular store shrugged his shoulders and grinned when I told him they denied the claim. I thought his behavior was flippant. Then another guy who worked there and two of his customers start defending the guy. Even the cleaning lady said he was "doing his job". I AM THE CUSTOMER> It does not matter what you think. I am your bread and butter for the last six years. The people that I have talked to on 611 are very nice. The local people are not. I paid for this insurance for 6 years at $5.95 a month without one claim before today. Guess that one will not be paid either.

72798461, 2010-07-18, 05:12PM CDT

We also are angry about the way this company takes care of their customers. Bought a new phone on May 21, purchased insurance and on July 18 took our phone back to Cricket because the phone wouldn't hold it's charge and was told to use our insurance it would cost us $80 to replace our battery, I want to know what that insurance payment we make every month covers.

63a05aca, 2010-08-08, 03:23PM CDT

I officially hate Uscellular and this crappy ass insurance company they have. I recently bought a 600 dollar phone ( HTC Touch Pro 2) and it stopped working on me. The phone got over heated and it went completely down. I called the Signal and they told me that I would have to wait 10 days for a new phone! I also informed them that I was using a loaner phone and that I had to have it back to Us cellular or else they would charge me. The sales rep on the phone simply told me that I would wither just have to wait and turn the phone in( leaving me with out a phone for 10 days) or just keep getting charge for the shit. I am so pissed off and as soon as my contract is up I will be removing my line as well as the other 4 lines I have on this plan off. Im sick of this shit and it makes me stressed. Please NEVER purchase anything from the Signal or the Uscellular. Some may say that this phone company is not responsible for what happens between their clients and the insurance company but I feel differently. They should hire someone that is going to meet their clients needs to the fullest. I will be going to At&t or TMobile!!!!! Us cellular is a shitty phone company! I have to pay 10 dollars a month and I have been paying that for nearly 6 years so do the math!

785e85ff, 2010-08-24, 10:35AM CDT

The signal is nothing more than a ripoff. They told me over the phone that I would recieve the 25.00 that I paid to recieve my new phone and now they will not refund my money back to me. My name is exactly what it says. Signal is a ripoff!!!!

217c8eed, 2010-12-16, 12:01PM CST

Maybe US cellular shouldnt have a word in what THEY think is RIGHT OR WRONG. They hired signal. Signal does there part in providing great customer service as well and following there policy. If you want to complain about not getting covered there is a reason for it. If a rep cant tell you the reason then ask for a supervisor. They dont pull reasons out of their butts. there is a reason they dont get covered. And if you are covered you complain about the ded. well you know what, how about you take that damaged phone to your local store and see how much it would be to buy a NEW phone out right. You ppl will never be happy unless your given everything for free. Deal with it.

afcdb713, 2011-11-18, 02:33PM CST

They sended the replacement phone from signal insurance but they didn't send the buble mailer where I send the old phone to the company and U.S Cellular gave me limited time to return another phone or the replacement phone when the other phone is sended if I don't return it in less that 11 days I will have to pay $150.00

39a19359, 2012-05-28, 04:15PM CDT

obviously you work in the insurance field. signal is a joke. they send a new phone a day later it stops working. 3 months and i am still waiting for them to replace the phone.

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