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Walt Disney World All Star Sports Resort / Guest Relations - Below is the letter I wrote to Disney.

I have been to Disney many many times and have never had such a disappointing time as this past weekend. Your Concierge Service, The Resort Rooms and Guest Relations were deplorable.

I checked to the All Star Sports resort on Friday Evening (December 9, 2005). Checking in was a great experience with a lovely young woman. She was delightful! We were check into room 2245, but before we went to the room we went to purchase tickets and pick up already purchased tickets.

After a long long (43 minutes) wait in the concierge line, I got the biggest joke of a concierge. I asked to purchase Florida Season Passes, he told me that I could not do it there and that I would have to go to the park windows. I had remember in the past that I purchased my tickets from Downtown Disney Ticket Office(he did not offer me this alternative), so I asked him how late is open till? He replied "I don't know". He acted as if I was really annoying him, asking such questions was a horrible burden to this gent! I replied to him "You are a Concierge, Right?" "Then find out". After a half heart attempt to call the DT ticket office, he asked the other so called Concierge as to what time it closed. The other concierge stated 10! After stating in line for so long (both of theses concierges were standing behind the reservation desk talking, before they came to the rescue of 1 lone concierge with a line up of over 8 people, that was not moving at all). then the other concierge told me I could get there in time only if I could teleport myself!!!

I became so disgusted with both of these jokers, I just ended up buying 2 Adult and 1 Child ~ 3 Day 1 Park tickets and picked up our Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party tickets (pre ordered) Disney could of make more money if you sold season passes at the hotels. Not once did these so called concierge assist us. When I called the concierge on his lack of professionalism, he told me that he was sad that he was so busy and did not get to talk to his employees. I told him "Be glad your busy, because if we were not there to keep him busy he'd be out of a job"

We go to the room. This place was a filthy mess that no guests should of been allowed to see. The room smelled horribly. The front door had cigerette butts at it. The floor was covered in beads, peanut shells and dust balls. I called the front desk immediately only to be placed on hold a number of times. When the guy came back on the line and said he would send up new keys to a new room, and that it was clean. It was now almost midnight and still no one was there with keys. I called back after 39 and got some woman who told me that they were just too busy to send a runner right now. I demanded a manager immediately, she transferred me to Yolanda in Operations, who has no guest relations skills at all. She wanted to know why I called her and that it was Friday night and she was busy. I hung up with the rude Yolanda and called the front desk and demanded to speak to a manager. After many explanations of why I needed a manager I finally got David. David told me that he would be sending a runner with the keys and that he was sorry. He told me he would credit my room for half the night. which was good since it was now after midnight.

Now the two runners (Thing 1 & Thing ) show up. Thing 1 says "Why do you want to change rooms??" Hello 1-The smell 2-The dirty floor Why I needed to explain to her anyway was just to much! We transferred to room 2261. I finally got into the bed, when I could not sleep due to the children running up and down screaming. Where was security? (every night of our stays was children screaming way past midnight) (Plus there was a small piece of plactic wrapping on the bathroom floor. Check it is probably still there, it was upon check out I checked every day, Nice cleaning!!!)

The next day we called for the plug (bathroom vanity) fixed and extra blankets. Plug did get fixed! Never saw a extra blanket the entire time.

I went to Epcot. I proceeded to try to pay for my meal with my room key/credit card, and was told that the card did not have credit privileges. I was embarrassed. Immediately I call the number on the key and was lectured and chastised by some woman who told me that I could not expect Disney to apply credit privileges when a runner had possession of my key! I asked why did they not tell me the key was not credit any more and she replied "Why did you not got pick up the keys to begin with? Nice guest relations!!!

When I got back to the resort, I called the front desk and asked for a manager. Again I had to explain the reason I needed to speak to a manager. Once I was place on hold while this person must of ran up the Grand Florida to find a manager. I get transferred to a woman who was the rudest of them all (I all her Bertha). Bertha, demanded to know how I got her number. I told her I dialed the front desk and got transferred. Supposedly Bertha is tougher to find then the hidden Mickeys. Bertha told me that all three adult keys have charging privileges. That was good as there was 2 adults and 1 child. She said What are you talking about I see charges on your account already! (it would be explained when I received the statement another story) I told her I stopped in the food court after checking in and charged that to the key, but there should not be any charges after that. Now I am scared and my anger was boiling at this point. I had to explain over and over again to her that we were 2 adults and 1 child. Bertha did not like me saying that and kept yelling "I see here all three adult keys have privileges" "What do you want me to do?" "Well it says here...." I got so upset I just hung up!!! What was the use, Bertha did not want me calling her!

8:30 am on Monday morning, a load banging began on my door. I jumped out of bed to see what the matter. It was chamber maid, asking loudly "You Checking Out today?" I slammed the door in her face!!!! The privacy (do not disturb) label was in the door. When did the maids decide what time you should get up and leave??? Should the maid worry more about cleaning a room????

Next I get the statement off the door. I read the statement which is extremely hard to read. I see I have a ton of charges on it, but I had to use my credit card not the key. Why the charges? My credit card was linked to the key and vice a versa, only My key stated no privileges.

This was the most miserable weekend up at Disney! I am a concierge and I do sent people to Disney. Will I do so again??Yes probably yes! Not to All Star Sports. I will encourage them to demand respect when some 'cast member's decides that they are too busy or just to rude on how to treat people, I am so disappointed with the treatment I received. Send your employees back to Guest Relations School!!!!

Mary Pat Rhodes


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66e9bfb7, 2007-09-20, 05:03AM CDT

Well you get what you pay for... sorry to say. But any of the All Star Properties on the Disney Resort (the Cheapest option there) you are better off just booking at a Motel 6, Guest Services is just the name of a department. The cast members who work at these resorts are the bottom of the barrell, and your experience proves it. Disney cannot hire quality people due to the fact that they are not willing to pay people what they are worth. So to have a better experience, stay at a nicer Disney Property, the cast members at the nicer resorts work for tips and have regular experience with seasoned guests and travelers, the cast members at the All Star resorts are used to trashy, cheap, low rent travelers and your experience is proof of that. Pay a little more and get treated a lot better.

d40333cc, 2009-01-02, 03:57PM CST

Staying at a higher end resort makes NO difference, i stayed at Coronado Springs, 235 per night, filthy mess, rude employees...

ac873ef1, 2009-02-26, 01:40AM CST

All Disney cast members are paid the same, no matter if you are a Front Desk Cashier at the Grand Floridian or the All-Star Resorts. I know because I am one. It's really too bad you had this experience but I understand your feelings.

Next time, you just need to ask for the Executive Offices when you call.

However, you sound very very exaggerating because no cast member would let that happen. You are very cheap for staying there and you should stay at a Deluxe, as a Concierge Guest if you want any kind of service.

The comment above is right, if you want a limited service hotel, All Star is the way to go. If you want service, you MUST pay for it at Disney. Disney is a business not a dream.

And if you really were a concierge, you would understand.

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