Jeep 2005/ transmission recall

Posted on Monday, December 12th, 2005 at 4:33pm CST by f0960a2d

Company: Jeep 2005/ transmission recall

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This is a safety issue regarding the recent recall of the 2005 Jeep with transmission problems. Because of the transmission problems our Jeep stopped dead while we were going 65 miles an hour on the New Jersey Turnpike. Luckily we were not killed. We had it towed over 100 miles to our dealer on Long Island (East Hills Chrysler Jeep) to have it fixed. They swore they fixed it a few days later, only for this to happen to us again a month later. We towed it again to our Jeep dealer and shortly after we were told, this time it was really fixed. For the third time, a month later, it happened again. After avoiding being killed 3 times, we do not trust they know how to fix this recall. It is a leased Jeep and all we want is to be let out of the lease and they refuse. They swear NOW it is really fixed. Did they lie the other 2 times? I am afraid to drive this car or let anyone I love in the car, as well as possibly endanger anyone driving near us. I think this is a huge safety issue that needs to be addressed for the rest of the recalled Jeeps, but for us, we just want a different car. This dealer's service department obviously doesn't know how to fix it and this should be investigated.

I decided to wait to see if our Jeep dealership would do the right thing before I sent this in, but they refused and made us pick it up after they claimed it was yet again really fixed for the third time. A few days later, today December 11th, it broke down again. The car is being towed back to them as I type this…the 4th time it has broken down from this same problem. They refuse to do the right thing for us but more importantly, they do not know how to fix a nationally recalled problem.


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