Home Depot is the WORST!!!

Posted on Monday, December 12th, 2005 at 2:55pm CST by 56d15d8f

Company: Home Depot is the WORST!!!

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My husband and I entered the Home Depot store in Livonia, MI on Nov. 13 and saw a BIG sign greeting us at the door stating "72-Hour Guaranteed Installation on these carpets:" and it listed several carpet names. We went to the flooring department and picked out the Arrowhead carpet, which was listed on the sign, and placed our order. In turn the customer service rep (Home Depot Employee) helping us TAGS THE CARPET WITH OUR NAME. Here is how the story goes ...

1. Nov. 16 Home Depot comes to the house to measure.

2. Nov. 18 My husband goes to Home Depot and approves layout and pays IN FULL.

3. Nov. 19 I call Home Depot asking for an appointment for the install. They tell me to wait, someone will call me. I give them my cell number to reach me. They already have the home #.

4. Nov. 21 I call Home Depot asking for an appointment for the install. They tell me to wait for someone to call me.

5. Nov. 23 I call Home Depot asking for an appointment for the install. They say they tried to reach me by phone, but didn't get an answer. I give them my home #, cell # and second cell # - just to make sure they have it right. They tell me to wait for someone to call me.

5. Nov. 26 I drive to the Home Depot store and ask for an appointment. They tell me someone will call me - the girl who does the scheduling doesn't work weekends.

6. Nov. 28 I call Home Depot and DEMAND an appointment. They give me the # to the install company. --- WHAT??? - I have to call the installer, come on Home Depot, where is your sense of customer courtesy???

7. A few minutes later on Nov. 28 I call the Installer and they tell me they don't have any openings for 3 weeks.

8. A few more minutes later on Nov. 28 I call Home Depot and tell them what the installer said. I also say this is unacceptable, what about the 72-Hour GUARANTEED Installation? It's already been 10 days. Home Depot tells me that the 72-Hour Install doesn't apply to this carpet. I ask for the manager. The employee holds the phone down and talks about me to the manager, I'm hearing every word and the sarcastic tone. The manager gets on the phone and tells me that this carpet is not in stock and that is why we can't have 72-Hour Installation. I say my name is on the roll in the isle next to her. She pauses, then states that I'm not getting the 72-Hour Installation because I got the carpet at a sale price. I tell her, what difference would that make? And if so, why didn't anyone tell me. She asks me if I want to cancel my order. --- WHAT??? All I'm asking is for an installation appointment, why are you trying to get me to cancel my order? --- I say, I want the carpet and I want it installed, get me an appointment. She says "We'll need to call you back." --- What's New?

9.Even Later on Nov. 28 Home Depot calls me --- WHAT A SHOCK!!! THEM CALLING ME!!! --- They tell me my appointment is Dec. 10th.

10. Dec 9 I call Home Depot to confirm my carpet installation, since no one has called to confirm with me. They say I'm definitely on the schedule and I'll receive a call between 7 - 9 AM Dec. 10 with the time frame of arrival. I then spend 6 hours moving EVERY piece of furniture and toy and decoration to the basement leaving a baron home - a carpet installers dream.

11. Dec 10 I wait until 10 AM and then call Home Depot asking why no one called me with a time frame. They give me the Installers #. --- Are you kidding me???

12. A few minutes later on Dec. 10 I call the installer and ask when they'll be to see me, they put me on hold for almost 10 minutes, come back and say that an installer will call me later.

13. A while later on Dec. 10 the installer calls me at approx. 11:30 telling me that he'll be at my house at 5:00. This concerns me, because I'll be sitting ALL day on my floor with no furniture, tv or food (as my kitchen is packed shut with my couch, dresser drawers and tv's), plus this means they'll probably be working until 10 at night ... but I agree because I have no choice.

14. Way Later on Dec. 10 I wait as 5:00 passes, 6:00 passes and I call the installer - whose office closed at noon that day. It's now 7:00 I called Home Depot and ask for the manager, Steve (the manager) tells me there's nothing he can do for me.

15. A few minutes after that on Dec. 10 I drive to the Home Depot store and ask to SIT DOWN with Steve to talk. He pulls me behind the customer service desk and writes on his notepad as I talk. He tells me he's sorry about the inconvenience and he'll "compensate" me for my time. I say "what is compensation"? He says "more than 20%", I say that's not worth my day off work. He asks me if I'd like to cancel my order. --- AGAIN??!!! Do they NOT want any business. What's up??? --- I say, no canceling would surely make it easier than him having to deal with me. I tell him I already moved everything, why cancel now??? He says that "Michael will have to approve the dollar figure but I think off your $1500 bill we can take off around $600". Puzzled at how this solves my problem right now, I say "have Michael call me on Monday" and I leave.

16. Later on Dec. 10 at 8:00 after moving half of my furniture back upstairs the phone rings. It's the installer. He says he can be at my house in about 2 hours. --- HELLO??!?? That will be 10:00 putting you at my house until 2 am, where my two BABIES are trying to sleep??!??? --- "No thank you", I reply, "we will need to re-schedule".

17. A few minutes later on Dec. 10 I call the Steve at Home Depot and tell him of the phone call. He says he doesn't blame me, he wouldn't have anyone install that late either. He assures me I can re-schedule with them and he Home Depot will refund me the money we discussed, PLUS they'll move all my furniture for free, so I don't have to move it again. --- HOW NICE OF THEM.

18. Nov. 12 My 80 year old grandmother drives 1.5 hours to stay at my house while the install is done, since I can't afford to miss work again. (I already skipped work on Saturday, you see, when the install was SUPPOSED to happen.)

19. Later on Nov. 12 The installers come and do a good job, I supposed - I haven't seen it yet - I'm still at work. But I get a call from Steve (not Michael) at Home Depot telling me that $200 will be credited my account. --- WHAT?!? $200??? That's a lot different than $600 and that's not a refund if it's credited to my Home Depot card that I ALREADY paid in full weeks ago. That means I have to spend the money at Home Depot. That doesn't help me. Especially seeing as how I'll NEVER use any install service there again.

20. A few minutes later on Nov. 12 I call the Home Depot Headquarters and explain my complaint about the discrepancy on the refund amount, and the trouble we've had in general getting this install done. She listens, patiently, then puts me on hold to get Steve on the other line. She returns several minutes later to tell me that Steve denies the conversation on Saturday evening - when I drove up there and spoke to him in person. And because it's my word against his ... they'll take his, of course.

Lesson Learned ... Home Depot is the WORST!!! And I will NEVER use their services again.


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464211cb, 2009-01-08, 12:54PM CST

We also live in Michigan. Recently purchased a metal building from Lowes that completely collapsed from a recent snow. The manufacturer refused to do anything (the 12 year warranty is worthless, it only covers rust); Lowes refuses to do anything - we were going to go to Home Depot but as I check it out there are as many complaints about Home Depot as there are Lowes. Is it any wonder our economy is in the toilet??

8540aa0f, 2009-01-18, 09:41AM CST

i work at home depot, not in carpet but kitchens, so i do know what happens with an install. why would the home depot be responsible for paying you $600 when the install was only $200?? did you really think they were going to pay for your carpet too? One thing people dont seem to understand is that by going into the home depot screaming and demanding things gets you nowhere. Home Depot employees are people too. Mistakes are made but when its you the mistake is made on- Oh no now...watch out. I think that you should be happy you have new carpet and didnt have to pay the cost that lowes has. higher prices, higher install. no 72 hour install back in 2004.

dennis d., 2013-01-06, 08:52AM CST

This is why you should just find a local business that does these types of things. They want your business for life...they will be there for you if something goes wrong. Also...you are supporting your local community and state. The box stores most of the time won't stand behind their work or products.

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