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Posted on Saturday, December 10th, 2005 at 10:54am CST by 1de129e1

Company: virgin mobile

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virgin mobile practically stole $35.00 from me

here is my complaint:

i wanted to change my phone service from month to month to day to day so i called vm customer service and i told the lady that i needed to change my plan she said ok what plan would you like to change to so i told her that i was not going to be using the phone that much so i would just top up when needed so she changed me to that plan and asked if there was anything else i said yes i just want to make sure that you cancelled the billing for this month on the old plan she said ok hold she then came back on the phone and began to tell me that no it was just taken out of my checking account ten minutes ago i said ok well are you going to put the money back in my checking account or will it be put on my phone for minutes she then told me to hold on she came back on the phone and said no that money is lost i then told her i dont think so we then began to argue about it and i then told her i needed to speak to a supervisor she then put me on hold a supervisor got on the phone i told him what was going on he then told like she just told you there is nothing we can do about it that money is gone i told him that it was not gone they had it and it either nedded to be put back in my checking account or onto my phone he said well as i already told you there is nothing that we can do about it we have no way of putting it back into your checking account and if we try to change your account back it will just charge you another $35.00 oh and by the way remember i did not use any of the $35.00 because my phone was off about an hour before they took my money out so they could not tell me that i used any of those minutes the man then told me that there was nothing else that he could do there i needed to contact someone else in writing so that is my next step to write a letter to them i will update with anything that happens

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R Ryals



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