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Posted on Tuesday, January 1st, 2002 at 6:08am CST by a49d5bfc

Product: Subway

Company: Subway

Location: 325 Bic Drive
Milford, CT, 06461, US


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My son's birthday was fast approaching and so I went to and

ordered what they call "The Last Second Gift E-Card." I spent a lot of

time customizing it with a picture of the Phillies winning the

pendant, chose a birthday greeting, and sent it from the family. (I

actually had to go through 3 attempts for the website to cooperate).

Once it was done, I put $50 on the card and then got the confirmation

which did not show WHO the gift was being sent to or an image of what

was sent. So I went back to log in to see what I had sent so I could

forward the image to the other son who had contributed to the gift. My

log in was not accepted. I contacted my son several hours later and he

hadn't received the email for the gift yet! Thoroughly aggravated for

the reasons mentioned, I called Subway to complain. I was told I would

get a call back about the email not coming to him. No call came. So I

called again a few hours later and was told that Subway DID NOT

produce the cards--I'm thinking who cares! Just get the gift out

there-- and I was given another phone number to call.

I spoke to someone named Jake from a different company in tells me that yet ANOTHER company

is responsible for the card. Again, who cares!?! I offered my

criticisms of his site--about not getting a confirmation for the

picture and Jake says nothing, like thanks, I'll tell someone. Just

nothing. He said his boss James would return on Monday.

My son still hadn't received the card. So I called Subway back (now I

am getting names) and spoke with Lisa who had me hold and came back 5

minutes later saying she had to reach the company. I just called

Subway, right? She came back and verified what Jake said. Breaking

news. So I told her to get the Press Office on the phone because no

one from Subway would want this email to go out. She then connected me

to Rosemary, the "supervisor," who said that I need to resolve with

the Vancouver company myself. She told me that even though the cards are

advertised on the Subway site, i need to resolve it myself. Huh?

I asked for the president. It's Fred DeLuca. And he wasn't in. No

surprise there. And no one who works for him was in either. So right

now, I am out $50 and have no idea if that email for the birthday OR

the card is ever coming. I am so done with Subway. The thought that came at the end? In challenged economic times, one would think--at least one here--that companies would be tripping all over themselves to resolve issues to retain the customer. Yes indeed, one would think.


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