The New York Times - New York Times Billing Problem

Posted on Tuesday, January 1st, 2002 at 7:07am CST by 0eb60e9b

Product: Newspaper Delivery

Company: The New York Times

Location: PO Box 371456
Pittsburgh, PA, 15250, US


Category: Other

I had been a subscriber to the New York Times for nearly 10 years. Back in April of last year my six month subscription came up for renewal and was charged to my VISA card. Shortly after that, I switched my billing from my VISA card to my Master card. For some reason, that caused the New York Times to put two additional charges for the subscription on my Master Card. In spite of repeated calls to the New York Times customer service, they could not or would not remove these charges. I eventually had to dispute the charges with my credit card company. They reversed the charges, canceled my credit card and issued me a new one. At that point the New York Times started sending me a bill for $655 (the cost of the two invalid charges on my Master Card). In spite of my faxing the New York Times copies of my credit card bills showing the April payment and the two invalid May payments, the New York Times would not resolve this. They said their system didn't show the April payment or one of the May payments and that since there were two reversed charges in May, that was why I owed $655. After repeated calls and faxing the credit card bills several more times, the New York Times eventually reduced the bill to $327. By this point it was August. Being totally frustrated in getting this resolved, I canceled my New York Times subscription. As the subscription ran until October, the New York Times actually owes me money (about $100). I am now receiving bills from the New York Times collection agency. I have perfect credit and don't want this problem to affect that. I'm certainly not going to pay the bill a second time though. I have no hope of getting the $100 the New York Times owes me. I just want them to stop sending me bills.


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